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Ethernet Interface Board for Alphanumeric LCDs

The IES-ABB-ETHERNET-01, from Intelligent Embedded Solutions, is an Ethernet interface module for alpha LCD panels. It enables the user to easily connect any Ethernet (10Base-T) network to a range of LCD modules using a CAT5 cable.
The IES-ABB-ETHERNET-01 consists of an integrated web server which provides HTML pages. This enables real-time messages to be displayed, the adjustment of backlight brightness and the ability to program 40 LCD screens (20×4). The LCD displays can be manually triggered over SNMP or individually controlled. These factors allow the user to gain standard LCD control within their application, quickly and efficiently.
Suitable LCD modules include 16×2, 20×2, 40×2 or 20×4 character lines.

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Features of the IES-ABB-ETHERNET-01 module:

  • Compact module: 59 x 35 mm
  • Piggy-back onto LCD module
  • Integrated web server HTML pages and SNMP registers
  • Store and replay up to 40 20×4 LCD screens
  • LCD contrast variable: on-board control
  • Low power operation: 7.15V supply
  • On-board supply regulation
  • Quick and easy set-up

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