RS232 Display Interface Board for Alphanumeric LCDs

The IES-ABB-RS232-01, from Intelligent Embedded Solutions (IES), is an RS232 backer board for alphanumeric LCD displays. This compact interface module enables the user to connect any device capable of standard RS232 serial communicatino to a standard LCD alphanumeric display. It simply connects onto the back of the display module for a compact solution.
This backer board enables the user to have control over character placement, customisation and cursor movements, enabling them to get their design up and running quickly and easily.

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Featuring built-in supply regulation for the LCD and the backlight, the IES-ABB-RS232-01 offers a fully ‘jumperless’ setup of internal features over the serial link.This includes number of lines, backlight brightness (15 levels) and serial baud rate (9600 default).
Suitable applications for the IES-ABB-RS232-01 backer board include:

  • Simple HID applications
  • Robotics
  • Industrial control and monitoring
  • User feedback
  • Serial terminal
  • Door entry

Features of the IES-ABB-RS232-01 backer board:

  • Compact module: 47 x 26 mm
  • RS232 serial transfer of characters to LCD from PC, BASIC Stamp, OOPic & other microcontroller modules
  • Customisable: backlight brightness, line count and serial baud rate
  • LCD contrast control
  • Low power operation
  • Supports standard alphanumeric LCD displays

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